Ice Cream Dreams


Such a cool night! @iambmac invited me to be his +1 to a Columbus Yelp “meet the owner” event featuring the awesome Jeni of Jeni’s Ice Cream. Adjusting to my move to OH has been hard, but gosh dang it if Jeni’s ice cream doesn’t make it better! One night I got home late, nothing in fridge (story of my life) but a pint of her Riesling Poached Pear sorbet so I gobbled that like no tomorrow. About halfway through it I started to laugh because I remember thinking as a little girl “when I grow up I will eat ice cream for dinner”. True story.

Anyway, it was great to meet Jeni and watch her eyes light up as she told us why she’s in this biz. She said she had that moment of “this is it, this is what I want to do” and so she threw every other plan she had aside and just went for it not knowing if it would work out. That really resonated with me, I feel like I had this carefully laid out career progression plan in Fraud and then Twitter happened. And look at my life now!

It was also really great to hear her speak about how she sources ingredients, and supports local farmers. She also mentioned donating 30% of post tax revenue to the community. Jeni is the real deal, and proof that you can be a business leader, be happy and give back to those that mean the most to you without compromising your success. I needed to hear that more than she will ever know.


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