This year I will:

  1. Find a good blend of work and personal life. I want to be mindful of the value I’m creating at work, and also be mindful of the value my life has. While I truly love what I do, there’s more to me than that.
  2. Exercise once a week either before or after work. It’s time to learn how to disconnect from the professional and connect to the personal.
  3. Cook a meal once a week. I’ve been making small changes which I’ve actually kept at so I look forward to creating even healthier habits.
  4. Blog once a month. I’m experiencing a whirlwind of a life, I want to capture it.
  5. Take a break every 3 months, 2012 moved at breakneck speed for me and while that was necessary I know that in 2013 I need to work in some “me” time. This also includes time away from my digital life, I look forward to the day when I wake up and don’t feel compelled to check my work email.
  6. Spend more time with the people I love. And send them cards on time – I’m the worst at buying cards and mailing them months later.
  7. Go on one date. Let’s face it, I’m a loser in this category but there’s got to be at least one man in this world that would enjoy having dinner with this lunatic. And I will find him.
  8. Volunteer more – I want to start a charity or non-profit where luggage is collected for foster kids so they have one moment of dignity during a traumatic time. I also want to spend time reading to Kindergarteners. I’m not afraid of them.
  9. Be kinder to myself and remember that perfection isn’t always the answer. Sometimes we learn more from our mistakes and paths we never considered.
  10. And last but not least, enjoy the big and little moments. I’m always planning for the future and often forget to live in the now. There is so much joy to be found, and I want to experience those moments.

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