Halfway thru 2012


Taking stock of goals I set at the beginning of the year and where I’m at:

  1. Taking more time for myself: I’m not doing so well at this one but I’m trying. Last year in Atlanta I committed to buying flowers for myself a couple of times a month and I stuck to it. I haven’t done that once in Columbus but that maybe bc I’m rarely at the grocery store. Writing this down reminds me how lovely it was to have fresh flowers on the table so I will start this again soon.
  2. De-cluttering my house: progress made! Thanks to a couple of moves in Atlanta I’ve gotten rid of a ton of clutter and feel at peace with the majority of my house. The closet remains a challenge but I’m feeling motivated enough to tackle that project – maybe this weekend? Container store here I come 🙂
  3. Showing my friends, family and co-workers how much I value them: back in the day I was the queen of thank you notes, I miss that girl. I’m truly blessed to have family and friends who are there in the good and the bad. I took a trip to Tampa to see the BFFs and was just so relaxed being with them, it really made me realize that I need to take more visits out there to see them. I need to set reminders to call them a couple of times a month and Skype once in a while. My iChats with Vivi literally make the happiest aunt in the world, that’s worth making the time for.
  4. Continue to demonstrate that excellence is a habit, not an act at work: I I’m kicking ass at work but it can be overwhelming. I went from a small operation to the mac daddy of them all and it’s hard to get everything that I need done daily. I also want to spend more time with my new team, I really enjoy their personalities and want them to know that I care about having fun during the workday – that stuff is important.
  5. Find a good church: this one is hard. I’ve been to so many churches in the last 10 years and have just been so unhappy. Sometimes I feel like Goldilocks, I mean c’mon just pick a church already! But something I’ve noticed in churches is a lack of diversity and a ton of legalism. There is a real world out there and the small groups I’ve participated in don’t seem to be aware of it. Maybe I’m the problem – who knows?
  6. Be kinder to myself: oh this is a hard one. I’m my worst critic, nothing I do is ever good enough and that schtick gets old. This drive to be uber successful comes with a few caveats and I’ve mostly made peace with it but every once in a while it’d be nice if I looked at myself in the mirror and said “you’re doing great”. I never feel good enough or smart enough and that’s my own insecurity. Gotta keep working on this one but I secretly am thrilled at my professional accomplishments – it’s really not bad for the foster kid from Brooklyn right?
  7. Live healthy: hmmm, I’m not doing so well on this one. Classic excuses: working long hours, no time to go to the grocery store, not enough time to prep healthy meals for the week. Blah, blah, blah. The bottom line is I need to do better.
  8. Go on a date: not because Sister Lucy wants me to but because I want to. I’ve been on a dating freeze for the last 3 years to focus on my career but there’s got to be a balance. Unfortunately Clive Owen is married so that plan has been foiled. Drat!
  9. Travel more: I’m comfortable being alone but haven’t taken a single vacation by myself. This I HAVE to do – thinking of bringing my birthday in style in St. Barts or St. Maarten.

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