Conservice Social Media Customer Service Fail

I really try my best not to vent via social media, I am cognizant that my words can follow me for the rest of my life and as someone who lives and breathes customer service I don’t want to bash anyone unnecessarily.  However yesterday I had an interesting experience while trying to understand charges billed by Conservice – while I didn’t get the resolution I was hoping for what really made me angry was the deplorable customer service delivered by two “managers”.  Certain things any customer manager should know to avoid include not speaking over a customer, interrupting a customer delivering feedback and a clear lack of empathy along with a rude tone of voice.  Let’s just say those soft skills were missing in action yesterday for manager Raymond and his manager Ryan.  Yet the first support specialist I spoke with Joanna seemed to understand those things.  I sent an email, tweeted their handle @ConserviceHelp and posted to their Facebook page. No response from the first two channels however a helpful moderator responded on Facebook directing me to email.  This was fine, as I understand most service issues can’t be resolved publicly.

I went in as nondescript as I could with my post not wanting to bash them and to give them an opportunity to resolve things “Hello, I had a highly disappointing customer service experience today and would like to share feedback with a manager. How do I do that?”.  They promptly responded about 30 mins later with the right tone: “Hi Bianca – I am so sorry to hear that! Please email or send our page a private message with your feedback. You can feel free to provide your phone number and we will call you if you’d like. I just informed our customer service manager, and we will be looking out for your email so we can resolve your concerns and give you the help you need.”

Today, I had to go back to Facebook to inquire why I hadn’t received a response to my email, which is where they directed me to, and stated they were looking out for.  When a customer posts on your social media channel and you tell them you’re looking into it that’s exactly what you should do.  Better yet, if a customer is talking about their experience and telling you that they’re disappointed – PICK UP THE PHONE and call them.

Below is the rest of the interaction and I have a few pointers for them:

  1. If a customer does not post what the issue but instead delivers general feedback take that as your cue that you should not reply back and post sensitive details in an attempt to defend your brand.  I do this for a living – trust me customer privacy is a big deal.
  2. Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Promising to follow up and then not doing it creates a lack of trust.  Clearly lots of customers feel the same way I do, Google “Conservice + customer service complaints” and you’ll see the proof.  The email was sent after I inquired on Facebook, clearly someone dropped the ball.
  3. Empathy. It is clear to me that their internal culture is to be defensive and they do not care about feedback.  I’ve now interacted with 5 employees within the last 24 hours and only 2 (customer support & corporate receptionist) displayed any empathy.  Actions speak louder than words.

Below is the rest of the interaction, not sure if they will delete the post but man alive this is a reminder to me to remain focused on delivering the best customer experience that I can.

Conservice Utility Management & Billing

Hi Bianca – we have sent over a reply to your email this evening. Conservice’s customer service department is dedicated to providing an avenue for a community’s residents to pay bills, receive correct explanations of billing methods, and for addressing residents’ concerns. At times, a resident makes a request which is not possible to satisfy because it exceeds the limitations of their lease agreement, which is a binding contract. In these situations, Conservice will always support the conditions of the agreement between the resident and the property management company.

  • My feedback isn’t related to the bill – it’s related to how I was treated by members of your management team, which was absolutely deplorable. If you don’t care about that because your customers don’t have actually have a choice with relation to doing business with you then be upfront about that. Also, as someone who has managed multiple social channels in which customers can provide service feedback you may want to train your social media responders on the art of not violating customer privacy. My post did not indicate that my issue was related to a billing dispute however your responders put that out there which is unprofessional.

Conservice Utility Management & Billing

Our quality control involves reviewing calls to be sure they are appropriate, courteous, and address the issues at hand. We always review customer service phone calls and address any inappropriate behavior with our team. We am sorry for your negative experience. Additionally, our response above was generic, applying to some situations that cause frustration to our customers. However, we are brand new at managing social media and will continue to strive to make our posts, responses, etc, as professional as possible.

  • Essentially you said all of that to say you don’t care about my feedback which I’ve deduced from your email response as well. This is no longer worth my time and I hope you do invest in learning how to respond to customer feedback as this one is a fail.

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