Test from iPhone…

Holy caw, I can upload posts from my iPhone? You’ve been warned people.

So you’ll really like this story…I met my ex at a festive party function club and to this day while we know that we were not meant to be together forever he is my best friend.  Last night he called me to remind me of a really funny story.  The quick backstory is that I’ve never said I love you to a boy and will not until I really truly mean it.  There’s too much that’s blase in this world and I want those words to have significance when I say it.  Except when I say it to my niece, I could hold her and squeeze her, talk about her 5 yr. life plan tell her I love you 65 times in a row.  And all she does is blow raspberries but I digress…  So back in the day when CN and I were dating he called, we chatted, before hanging up he said “ok I love you bye”.  Now even though I was filling up gas and inhaling the fumes because I really like the smell of gas I knew exactly what had occurred, he was so used to saying it to his mom that he simply said the same to me.  CN said when he called back that I was hysterically laughing and told him I knew he didn’t mean it.  And that folks is how romantic I am.


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