Scarlette O’Hara Has Nothing On Me…

Today was quite the day huh – despite all that my landlords have done to hide their financial misdeeds, somehow it all came to light.  Not so fun for me but at least I know right?  I’ve contemplated lashing out but at the end of the day I’m not that girl and really revenge isn’t my style.


What I have been doing is shopping my way out of this misery.  Thus far I’ve acquired a sexy pair of shoes – listen I may be one step away from homelessness but I will be damned if my feet don’t look good.  I’m also contemplating the Magic Bullet bc it says right on the box that you can make frozen margaritas.  And if it says it on the box then it must be true y’all!  What I mostly wanted to talk to you about my two faithful readers is that the shoes are ROCKPORT!!!  Oh mah gawd Becky.  In my defense though, I once shattered my elbow just by walking down a hallway so a good grip on the sole will keep me out of the emergency room moving along.


Also, I spent some time researching whether or not my astrological sign had changed.  I’d seen a tweet about it but quite frankly I was just a little too lazy busy to read it then.  You can all rest assured that I am still a Capricorn.  I also learned that Capricorns don’t cry so I quickly hid all evidence that I’d cried for a good solid 7 minutes this morning.  Isn’t that what MAC concealer is for?


What else…my BFFs called to say that they were coming down to GA to kick some arse except you know the munchkins had to be put to bed at a certain time so they’d be here after that.  So we settled for a phone call in which one said that maybe I should pack my most prized possession in my luggage since I’m heading their way this weekend.  “Right, I’ll be sure to pack my MacBook Pro.” *weird silence* “Um Bianca, I meant jewelry.”   And there you go, my most prized possession is my laptop.  End scene.


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