Renters Nightmare

I’ve been renting a wonderful townhouse since I moved to GA about 2 years ago.  When renewing my lease in 2010 my landlords had expressed their desire to unload the property b/c they were no longer dual income.  I understood their situation, after all millions of Americans are floating along in that boat.  However I couldn’t commit to purchasing a home because let’s face it, I can barely commit to eating lunch every day.

Towards the ending of January I noticed a slew of foreclosure attorney solicitation ads in my mailbox so I contacted my landlords and was told that everything was fine, not to worry about it famous last words.  I continued to remit my payment to them every month and they continued to cash said rent check faithfully.  And so we carried along until the end of February when an official looking letter came.  I of course contacted my landlords and again was told that nothing was wrong.  Right around that time I thought might not be a bad idea to look into purchasing the property, could be an investment, etc etc. A friend connected me to a highly respected agent who informed me that not only was the property in foreclosure it was also set to be auctioned off within the next 7 days – a time I was scheduled to be out of town on business.

Cue Psycho style shrieking.  There’s a lot more but for interest sakes I will sum it up and say that apparently the owners paid what was past due and the property was no longer listed as being in foreclosure or set for auction.  This morning I woke up and there was a boot on my car.  Yes folks, the HOA contracted with an impound service to boot my car because the owners have allegedly not paid the HOA fees for some time.  I am at a complete loss here – it feels as a renter I have zero rights because I am renting from an individual owner.  I have used up the battery on my iPhone talking to the booting service, the HOA, the landlords and to no avail.  My car is still booted.  I’m supposed to be at an all-day training class and here I am at home writing this post bc if I don’t do something I am going to start screaming again.  My car is still booted.  The impound guy was here bc oddly enough they booted quite a few cars last night, he refused to take the $90 in cash I had on me bc I “owe” them $100.

Ethically, how does one work that out to sleep at night?  This is my life and the only answers I’m hearing is “I’m doing my job” but no one seems to understand the utter unfairness of this.  I will be moving but cannot until June.  I’m at my wits end here and I broke down sobbing on the phone.  The absolute unfairness of this situation is overwhelming to me.  Every day I devote myself to help people out of bone-crushing financial situations.  Today I feel as if no one will help me.  Where is the karma in that?  I hope that in the grand scheme of things I’ll look back upon this as a lesson learned but today – today is overwhelming and I wish I had a solution.

I will however attempt to remain as calm as possible bc the only thing I truly control is my reaction.  I don’t wish to malign the owners of this property.  I truly understand and can even appreciate their situation.  But at the end of the day their choices are truly impacting my daily life.  I just don’t understand how you rationalize choices that you know will put another in jeopardy?  How do you go about your day acting as if you didn’t crush another person?  I don’t even know that I have the strength to blame anyone, I just want my life back.


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