Digital Detox…

During the weekends, I like to go into digital detox mode.  I try to disconnect from the online world and spend time doing things like hanging up the 9 million pieces of clothing laying on my bedroom floor. Sometimes I like to really kick it up a notch and dominate my kitchen.  There was a time when I used my oven primarily for storage and maybe I felt a sense of judgement when I walked into the kitchen. (Yes, yes I know that a refrigerator can hold more than bottled water)  Anyhoo, back to the deflowering of the kitchen – I like to get in there and show my stove who’s the boss.


I’ve been doing really well at maintaining this lifestyle enhancement – until last night. Yes, the Verizon iPhone was placed into my hands by a kind FedEx employee and I may or may not have gone to bed at 2am.  I even posted on my Facebook page that the iPhone and I were now in a relationship and what God has put together let no man tear asunder.  Dramatic I know but my friends expect it.  From start to finish, Verizon Wireless has really surprised me with how seamless upgrading to the iPhone has been.  I did encounter problems trying to load the Backup Assistant on the Blackberry Storm to transfer my contacts but I thought to hell with this, people know my number – they can reach me.  And then I did a dramatic flourishing wave of the arm to bring my point home.  Dramatic I know but my furniture has come to expect it.


So this weekend will be the test, will I be strong enough to resist the lure of the iPhone or will I spend 10 hours camped on the sofa with Criminal Minds on the telly trying to figure everything out?



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