“I just love the bitch in you…”

In my role as a community manager for a brand, a big portion calls for me to interact with clients in a very public setting.  I’m of the mindset that we’re not doing anyone any favors if we don’t have the tough conversations with them provided the situation calls for it.  I’m talking about people who willfully make choices, know that they’re in the wrong and choose to deflect responsibility.  I get it, I really do.

The reality of your spending can be a sobering thought and no one wants to admit that they’re not managing their $ the right way.  And sometimes there’s a whole lot of emotion driving that sentiment, “I’m xx years old, I should be able to provide a better financial footing for myself than I currently am.”  Sometimes the reality of life is that who you thought you would be at a certain stage of your life just doesn’t happen.

Lately, I’ve been having more and more of these tough conversations and a few female clients have resorted to calling me a bitch via Twitter or on the phone.  At first it threw me but today I read this and now I’m ok.

I get it now – people that throw that word around are hoping to throw me off track and even derail my position.  But in reality, it results in them looking defensive.  “So when you’re called a bitch, instead of letting the argument get derailed, recognize that you’ve outsmarted them. Reply with “I win! You aren’t smart enough to continue the conversation, so thanks for ending it.” Once they bust out the ad hominem attack. The personal attack that has absolutely nothing to do with the conversation at hand, the conversation is over. And you win, cause they don’t know how to continue.”

ETA: It’s not about winning for me, it’s about finding that precarious balance of doing the right thing for the business and for the individual(s) involved.  Sometimes doing the right thing is being that voice of truth that some wish never to face.


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