Online Reputation Management

My life seems to be full of presentations these days. Utterly exhausted, I dragged myself to present to a room full of interns to talk about social media and what it means in the customer service world.  I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I thought I would be underwhelmed but these young ‘uns asked some great questions!

The best part of the presentation was the chance to share my thoughts with them about online reputation management. Advising them to guard it as closely as their credit score, they asked lots of questions about what employers look for when they’re hiring.  And the truth is, we are in an age where employers have more access to an applicant’s true self before they even review the resume.  You’d be foolish to think that we’re not Googling you to see what your online footprint looks like.

Maybe that seems unfair but when making the decision to hire someone that will represent your brand, do you want the person who’s cognizant of their personal brand or the one who’s dropping the F bombs on Twitter 87 times a day?  It seems like a no-brainer to me. Just like you use the web to peruse reviews of brands before you drop the dough, employers are looking at you in the same way.

At the end of the preso, I was jazzed up.  Maybe I have the wrong impression of Millenials after all?


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